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Welcome to the Kier Hardy clock website.

I specialise in the repair and restoration of antique clocks and timepieces
working from a well equipped and purpose designed workshop in the
City of Hereford. Clock movements are overhauled and repaired to a
high standard, before being reassembled and thoroughly tested.

Longcase clock dial repair 
and partial repaint

Other in-house services include the restoration of painted, and brass &
silvered clock dials. The above images show a longcase clock dial
having been repaired and partially repainted. Please click on the Dial
Restore button at the bottom of the page for further details.

Three train movement 
undergoing overhaul and rebuild

I have been repairing and restoring antique clocks for over 25 years
and my background in mechanical engineering has been invaluable
towards providing a quality service. If you would like further
information, please telephone or email to discuss your requirements.

Clock workshop

Restoration work carried out on domestic clocks with pendulums.
* Please see note at bottom of the page.

Longcase Clocks 30 hour & 8-day

Mantel & Bracket Clocks

Wall Clocks

Clock Dial Restoration

* I do not carry out work on carriage clocks or timepieces with platform escapements (oscillating balance wheel mounted on the top or back of movement).