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Kier Hardy Clocks

Clock Dial Restoration

Repair & restoration work carried out on brass & silvered,
and painted dials. please see bottom of page for further details.

Dial restoration
Painted dial - Most clock dials can be restored back to their original
condition by careful cleaning to retain the character and originality.
Once cleaned, the blackwork can be reinstated as original.

Dial restoration
Some clock dials just need a light clean to bring them back to life......

Dial restoration
..... whilst others require a lot more work!

All the dial restoration work is done in-house at our Hereford clock workshop.

Dial restoration
Engraved London brass and silvered break-arch dial.

Engraved brass & silvered dials are fully dismantled and the spandrels
and other parts are cleaned by ultrasonics. The condition and stability
of the wax in the engravings is inspected, new wax melted in as
required, then silvering is carried out on subsidiary dial parts, chapter
rings, and complete 'single sheet' clock dials.

* We do not restore fired enamel dials (French clocks) or screen printed 20th Century mass produced dials.