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An 8-day longcase clock by Arthur Price Davies of Newcastle Emlyn.

A 'before and after' image of the longcase clock dial.

When the clock first arrived, it was considered to be beyond economical
repair, however it is of great sentimental value to the client. The
outcome couldn't be determined until all the parts were inspected.

In all honesty, I have scrapped movements in better condition than this!

Having been stored in a damp shed for many years, the case had rotted
away and all that was left are these rusty remains as pictured.

All the steel items were soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar for 3 days,
and this is how they looked after this time.

After 6 days, they were washed, ultrasonically cleaned and dried.

Components of the movement awaiting final cleaning and inspection.

After polishing pivots and carrying out remedial work, pictured on test.

Back at home in Wales, now attached to the wall on brackets.