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Kier Hardy Clocks

Welcome to the Kier Hardy clock website.

Clock Repair & Overhaul

Repair & restoration work carried out on all types of clocks with pendulums -
please see bottom of page for further details.

Clock movement
A twin spring driven movement is seen dismantled. Each part has been ultrasonically cleaned, then inspected for wear or damage.

Movements are inspected before dismantling, all parts cleaned and checked for wear and damage.

Timepiece movement
A single train mantel timepiece movement. All mainsprings are removed and checked for integrity, before being greased and fitted into the spring barrels.

Any rebushing and other remedial work is carried out at this stage. In the event that replacement parts are
required, these are made in-house using the correct grade materials, or acquired in keeping with original
patterns. Particular attention is paid to the assembly of movements, making sure that all aspects of the individual
trains are synchronised and that they work correctly with each other.

Triple train movement
A triple train movement from an English wall clock, chiming the quarters on eight bells, and striking the hours on a coiled gong.

This triple train movement is unusual, because the chime and strike trains are fusee driven with a chain,
whilst the going train is weight driven. There are many adjustments to make to this type of movement, such as
spring pre-tensioning, strike and chime synchronisation, rack adjustments, and regulating the timekeeping.

Broken lantern pinion
This enlarged image shows a damaged lantern pinion from an American wall clock. New hardened steel
pins were made and fitted before re-assembly of the movement.

Worn and damaged parts are replaced during overhaul of the clock movement, including pinions and gears.

30 hour longcase strike pin wheel
An example of worn pins on a 30 hour longcase movement, and showing the pins replaced.

Clocks on test in the workshop
A view of the longcase and wall clocks on test.

Repair & restoration work carried out on all types of clocks with pendulums.

Longcase Clocks 30 hour & 8 day

Mantel & Bracket Clocks

Wall Clocks


I no longer undertake work on carriage clocks or timepieces with platform escapements
(oscillating balance wheel escapement mounted on top or back of movement).